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All about “Redeem code”

You can redeem codes to get free gifts from our casino slot machine games.

Where can I get codes?

We share time to times codes in our social networks. Please follow us and don’t miss redeems codes. We can share different codes at the same time on different social networks. 

So follow us:

How to redeem code?

  1. Open the game
  2. In the main menu click on “Gifts”
  3. Find the “Redeem Code” button on the right from “Free Gifts from Casino” header.
  4. In new window enter code
  5. If code is correct and active, then you’ll get your reward.
All about "Redeem code" - Redeem  Button

Try your first “welcome” redeem code

You can redeem our welcome code “123-456-789” and get free gems in any game.  

There is an example of code “123-456-789” how it looks like on promo banners.

All about "Redeem code" Sample Code

Free Gifts for each our Slot Machine game

Since 9 Oct 2019, we provide free gifts for each of our slot machine games. Please find all the codes on the next page.

Where I can find Slots games?

Full list of our slots games you can find here:

How many times allow redeem codes?

Each code can be redeemed only once. 

Some of the codes may be used in all slots games. But some of codes may be used only in specific slots games.

Do codes expire?

Most of the codes have an expired date. But some have no, like “welcome code”.

So be on touch in our socials and use codes until expire days.